Blog Archive: April 2022

A closeup of a thumbnailed page

How I Do: The Layouts!

Saturday, April 30th 2022

With a finished script in hand, I start working on the art. The first stage is thumbnailing! I work digitally, mostly on an iPad Pro in Clip Studio Paint . I have a template set up for the whole book, so I open up the page I'm working on and get cracking. Working in a zoomed-out view on a single …

A screenshot of the overview document for The Troll Bridge graphic nover

How I Do: The Script!

Tuesday, April 19th 2022

Now that I have some characters and a loose plot idea , it's time to turn it into something I can work from. I use an app called Scrivener for all my writing. has some incredibly useful features, such as folders for reference materials and linked documents for writing out detailed notes. It's also …

Bee and Rose Thornhill, who holds up her Lore Library ID card

How I Do: The Big Idea!

Monday, April 11th 2022

A while ago, I wrote a series of threads on the Lore Library Twitter account talking about how I'm making my first graphic novel. I left a whole bunch of stuff out due to time and space constraints, so I thought expanding on these might be a nice way to start off the new website. So: where did the …